Delve Deeper into Qualitative Aspects with Text Analytics

Identify often-overlooked parameters to understand the bigger picture

Why text analytics?
Financial data, although extremely essential, does not convey the entire story. A large proportion of company documents – including statutory filings, transcripts and investor presentations – comprises qualitative data.
Example: Typical contents of statutory annual filings
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Text analytics automates the process of surfacing meaningful insights from qualitative disclosures in company documents.
Suggested qualitative insights from company disclosures
Generate custom output using a text analytics engine
Benchmark qualitative data across companies for a more meaningful analysis
Capitals Used for Value Creation
Understand which companies are effectively adopting an integrated approach to stakeholder value creation by analyzing the six capitals model.
Emerging Technology Discussions
Stay abreast of companies that are focusing on emerging technologies as part of their organizational strategy. Analyze how these discussions are changing over time.
Keyword Mentions and Sentiment
Identify positive or negative mentions of specific keywords, phrases or topics for a specific company. Analyze keyword mentions over time to understand changing sentiment/trends that may otherwise not be easily discernible.

Take intelligent
decision-making to
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