Manage Customer & Supplier Risk and Relationships on an Integrated Platform

Adopt a structured approach to monitor customers & suppliers
Identifying potential customers & suppliers and monitoring risks associated with them are two sides of the same coin; yet, many organizations analyze these aspects on separate, unrelated platforms. ScaleCred offers a custom-built, integrated platform that lets you monitor and analyze information in a systematic manner.
Customize the design and architecture of the platform to suit your specific needs
Do away with one-size-fits-all technology solutions to design a platform that is best-suited to your requirements. From the design architecture to the output, ScaleCred offers a fully customizable solution.
Integrate internal & external data for a comprehensive view of customers & suppliers
Use customizable APIs to integrate internal and external data sources for a comprehensive view of customers or suppliers. Analyze information across silos for high-quality decision-making.
Shortlist potential customers & suppliers from pre-populated data sets
Search for customers or suppliers from a pre-populated database of companies across industries and sectors. Use custom filters to shortlist and save entities into multiple portfolios meeting various criteria.
Analyze risk exposures of customers & suppliers
Evaluate entity exposure to global markets through various analyses.

Take intelligent
decision-making to
the next level.

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