Automated financial spreading and credit evaluation for a USD 60 billion systematically important financial institution.

Standardizing credit evaluation processes to enable objective and faster decision-making.

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AI-based data aggregation to enable comprehensive company analysis for a leading investment bank.

Enhancing the level of analysis by automating data aggregation and monitoring.

“Our credit evaluation process was all over the place. ScaleCred’s proprietary scoring methodology proved to be a game-changer by bringing about objectivity and speed in analyzing customers’ credit profiles.”

Director Loan Operations,

USD 60 billion systematically important financial institution

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Automated data extraction from annual reports to help a large North American bank in making investment decisions.

Implementing a standard methodology to extract granular data from annual reports.

“We had always struggled with monitoring, aggregating and updating data from multiple sources, that too in real time. With ScaleCred, we realized the power of automation - data became available at the click of a few buttons.”

Managing Director,

Financial Institutions Group at a Leading Investment Bank