About Financial Spreading 2.0

It’s a financial spreading platform based on proprietary Pixel-Based Machine Learning Technology (PBMLT). It eliminates all manual and repetitive processes so that your time is spent on the most critical activity: analysis.

The power of cognitive technologies and deep learning allows data to be extracted at the most granular level from any document format in the fastest time. Our machine learning algorithms have been trained to ensure that the final output conforms to your proprietary methodology. Inconsistencies are identified and rectified by auto-check quality processes.


Financial Spreading 2.0 at a Glance

Powered by Cognitive Technologies and Deep Learning
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Comprehensive Existing Database

Comprehensive existing database of financial spreads comprising thousands of public and private companies.

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Automated Data Extraction

Data is extracted via machine learning algorithms from any type of document, including JPEG, PDF, Word, PowerPoint and scanned documents.

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Customized Final Output

Data from the original layout is reconstructed, synthesized and mapped to clients’ output formats and in sync with their methodology.

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Seamless Integration

Secure and seamless integration of clients’ proprietary (private) data with publicly-available financial data through APIs.

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Higher Data Accuracy

10x increase in data accuracy using a combination of pixel-based character recognition, page recognition and machine learning technology.

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Significant Efficiency Gains

Significant reduction in manual effort and turnaround time results in up to 90% efficiency gains.

Financial Spreading Redefined...

Going beyond optical character recognition (OCR)

Although OCR technology is widely used, its data extraction performance is impacted when documents are in
  • Different file formats or handwritten
  • Tabular format
  • Different font styles or font size
  • Scanned copies with high “noise” levels
Pixel-Based Machine Learning Technology overcomes these limitations through pixel-based character recognition that has the ability to extract data from any document format.
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...To Give You Speed, Accuracy and Standardization

Comprehensive features deliver trustworthy financial data
Page recognition from any documnet
Result validation
Pixel-by-pixel character recognition
…And Enhanced Analysis Based on Forward-
Looking Insights
Historical spreads, assumptions and forecasts on a single platform
Supplement historical data with forward-looking insights to enhance your financial analysis and decision-making.
Next-Generation Financial Statement Spreading Platform Powered by Continuous Learning
Our deep learning algorithms undergo continuous training to deliver cutting-edge analytical capabilities.
Domain Expertise + Machine Learning
Expert technology solution custom-built for the financial services industry.
Our deep learning algorithms are engaged in continuous learning to perfect every nuance related to financial statements.
The result is ScaleCred, a world-class financial spreading platform that combines domain expertise gained from leading banks, PE funds and FinTech companies with cutting-edge machine learning technology.

Accurate Results
Delivered With Speed

Document Upload
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Document Upload
Uploading documents / scanning and uploading (in case of hard copies).

Document Pre-processing
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Document Pre-processing
Extracting pages; identifying primary financial statements and notes; reducing 'noise' and enhancing document quality.

Document Pre-processing
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Classification of New/images/
Classifying New/images/ into primary financial statements and notes to statements.

Document Pre-processing
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Text Extraction
Text is extracted using pixel-based machine reading technology.

Document Pre-processing
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Deep Learning Algorithms
Deep learning algorithms analyze financial data at a granular level.

Document Pre-processing
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Intelligent Text Classification
Millions of data points are analyzed by deep learning algorithms and classified into pre-defined formats.

Document Pre-processing
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Data Validation
Data is auto-checked for accuracy and consistency based on pre-defined methodologies and rules sets. Exceptions are handled manually - they subsequently feed into the machine learning model.

Document Pre-processing
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Customized Output
Output consumption formats: API, JSON, Excel, CSV.
Time to Deliver
1 minute to 4 hours

User-Friendly Features Offer Flexibility and Convenience

Any Time, Anywhere Access

Log in to the ScaleCred database from anywhere and at any time. Use your login credentials to access an existing database of nearly 40,000 spreads.

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Process Feature New/images/
Easy Report Upload

Add new reports at the click of a few buttons. Reports of different formats - such as annual report, investor presentation, rating report - can be added.

Instant Download

Export the final output into a standard or customized template and download it instantly once the entire process is complete.

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Analyze Financial Statements the Smarter Way
Easy Upload
Upload documents in any format – including scanned, JPEG, PDF, Word and PowerPoint – on the ScaleCred dashboard in a few easy steps.
Auto-Detection of Financial Data
ScaleCred auto-detects not only primary financial statements – P&L and Balance Sheet – but also Notes to Accounts and Schedules, enabling comprehensive data analysis.
Instant Validation
The dashboard allows users to access the source document from a specific number directly, offering instant and effortless validation of data.
Customized Output
Output can be accessed as a 100% customized solution. Data is presented in clients’ output formats mapped to their accounting methodologies.
Advanced Financial Analysis
The ScaleCred automated platform enables advanced analysis such as testing assumptions and financial projections, and performing sensitivity and DCF analysis.
Portfolio Health Monitoring
Leverage machine learning and rule-based algorithms to monitor portfolio health through early warning systems (EWS) and other indicators of economic weakness.

Eliminate Manual Processes for Significant Efficiency Gains

Manual ScaleCred
Document Sourcing Document Sourcing
  • Manual process of downloading annual reports from securities exchanges or sourcing them from clients.
  • Automatic downloads can be scheduled from sources.
  • Upload panel through interface and direct API consumptions.
Document Processing Document Sourcing
  • Financial data is updated manually in templates.
  • Data is updated automatically in templates.
Data Validation Document Sourcing
  • Manual data validation which is time-consuming and often inconsistent.
  • Every number can be verified directly from the source document by clicking on it.
Turnaround Time Document Sourcing
  • 24-48 hours
  • 1 minute to 4 hours
Make ScaleCred an Integral Part of Your Financial Analysis
Use customizable APIs to integrate ScaleCred into your internal systems.
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Accelerate Automation and Streamline Processes

Integration Process

Take intelligent
decision-making to
the next level.

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