Keep Your Pulse on Unfolding Events with Automated Alerts & Triggers

Use customized formats and frequencies to consume relevant information

Stay informed about changes as they happen
The explosion of data and data sources makes it impossible to monitor real-time events and situations using manual techniques. By automating the process, the right information can reach the right person at the right time. More importantly, it ensures that only meaningful and relevant information is collated from authentic and comprehensive media & social media sources.
Receive alerts on aspects that are most relevant to you. Create customized alerts that can be disseminated to specific teams or team members based on need or use cases.
Alerts on Deals, Investments and Prospects
Receive alerts via a consolidated, daily alert newsletter on actual and rumoured M&A deals, exits, venture investments and prospects that have taken place or have been identified during a certain period.
Company or Portfolio Alerts
Keep track of all events and key changes with regard to a specific company or a group of companies in a portfolio. Get value-added output that has been categorized based on the sentiment underlying these changes.
Receive alerts on triggers that can be considered potential opportunities or risks. Use these automated triggers to enhance and expedite decision-making.

Take intelligent
decision-making to
the next level.

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