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Navigate Quantitative & Qualitative Insights on a Single Platform

The ScaleCred platform redefines the power of analysis by offering an integrated platform that surfaces both quantitative and qualitative insights using cutting-edge technology. By automating processes and streamlining access to data, ScaleCred enables significant saving of time and effort. Explore our products to know more.

Financial Spreading
Discover a next-generation financial statement spreading platform that combines domain expertise with proprietary pixel-based machine learning technology. Financial data is extracted at the most granular level in the fastest time. The result is speed, accuracy and standardization in analyzing borrower financial statements and other documents.
Customer & Supplier Risk Identification
Monitor the entire customer & supplier journey – from relationship management to risk identification – on a consolidated platform. Integrate internal and external data sources for a comprehensive view of customers or suppliers.
Company Health Score
Determine the overall financial wellness and stability of companies by evaluating various financial and non-financial parameters. Analyze underlying strengths and weaknesses to take informed decisions and mitigate risks.
Manage all aspects of credit underwriting on a customized platform designed to suit specific requirements. Use a suite of automated tools to improve loan processing time and expedite decisioning.
Early Warning Signals
Get a comprehensive view of potential risk or distress by monitoring financial and non-financial early warning signals. Use pre-defined thresholds to anticipate adverse events and pre-empt them from turning into critical risks.
Alerts & Triggers
Stay abreast of the most critical issues, updates and changes impacting companies and portfolios that you monitor. Eliminate manual, time-consuming processes by leveraging automated alerts & triggers customized to your specific needs.
Text Analytics
Gain a broader perspective about companies through insights extracted using text analytics. Look beyond numbers to discover trends or identify undercurrents that may otherwise go unnoticed.
Social Insights
Uncover trends and signals from carefully-parsed discussions on social channels. Identify ever-changing sentiments regarding companies, industries and key people from curated social media alerts and feeds.

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